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Turntables for Sale: How to Get the Best

January 22, 2018

Are you shopping for turntables? First, what are the features to consider? What makes a turntable durable and superior? You are advised to check the website to find out about the basics of turntables, and I can assure you that it will help enhance your skill as a player, as well as get to know where to purchase them at a cheaper price rate.

Out of the numerous instruments and tools available, nothing beats a turntable due to its versatility and advancement. Shopping for the available turntables for sale is a great way to have lots of fun, as well as learn an important skill. You can also enhance this skill to help you get to an advanced stage, and eventually turn to an expert. It all starts with shopping for turntables for sale and then acquiring the turntable!

However, you have to take some factors into consideration before making your final decision. You must know the fundamental differences, etc. The main factor that distinguishes record players is the vinyl versions and the CD versions. You have to choose the one that suits your interests and preferences. Some opt for the vinyl version, while the CDJ’s versions are unique because you have the chance to use CD’s which are more affordable than others. And this works amazingly well if you produce your own music, and you desire to have a different influx of music. We recommend that you use the tips mentioned above to get the best deal.

Pitch control

The first and most important thing is to decide what you are going to use it for. Are you DJ? Then you need to have a pitch control, that is, you can raise or lower the speed of your discs so you can mix them together when they have different speeds. One of the most common mistakes is to make yourself a turntable with a pitch when you are NOT a DJ, the real fact is that you do not need the pitch if you are not going to mix, nor do you need a direct drive.

The important direct drive

The drive is the system through which your turntable rotates; when it is direct it allows the DJs to manipulate with the better response the vinyl when they are scratching or when they are tying the roles because the engine is just down the plate, that’s why it’s called direct. The rest of the humans do not need this, so it’s better to have an indirect drive: the engine is near the centre of the turntable and has a band that moves it, which lasts a shit and gives better sound to listen at home. There is a third type of drive called idler wheel, but they are almost not manufactured, so the standard for listening to music at home is the band drive.

The turntable’s arm and its needle

This is one of the most important pieces; an arm that is too heavy is wearing down your vinyl more quickly, remember that it may get more easily scratched, especially if you do not do it with certain precautions. Pick a needle weight that is essential for you to last a rest. It is optimum that an arm that has a counterweight on the part directly opposite the needle, this allows you to calibrate the weight and even touch certain vinyl that is poorly printed. When done correctly, it is a much better technique than putting a nickel on the needle because they are minimal variations, the coin is a little bit of weight to the beast and, yes, it takes you out of trouble but it is never optimal. In theory, the weight has to be adjusted every so often because it changes over time.

It is strongly recommended to remember not to buy a cheap record player, because of the above: they are usually responsible for bad sound, a bad first experience and ruining your future collection. We also strongly recommend not buying turntables with extra components that are more gimmicks than useful things. There are some with integrated CD or MP3 player, memory card reader, which emulate old designs, which try to enter through the eyes..

Once you have made up your mind that having good quality with a turntable means investing a bit, we can talk about good quality components with recognized brands that have been doing things for decades and the surprise of new companies that are even innovating in the world of vinyl.