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Top 3 Picks for Best Rated Survival Knife

October 5, 2017

For the man who loves the outdoors, a handy survival knife is something that he will never want to be without. It is useful in doing a myriad of tasks when one is out there especially in the wild. If you are in the process of looking for one that you can use in your outdoor excursions, go for the best rated survival knife. You want this to be a worthy investment, so take the time to look around and find out exactly what the market has to offer.

Taking a pick would be easier though when you are given options to select from. Since it can be too confusing to check out too many names, we narrow down your choices and list down some of the top and best rated survival knife today. Browse through and see which one exactly is the best option for you.

Tom Brown Tracker

This is designed by the person bearing its name which happens to be a wilderness survival expert. Mr. Brown opted to design this knife when he found out that the market does not really offer him any survival knife that suits his specific needs. This is a multi-tool knife made from carbon steel. It is a full tang blade and the cut is just impressive. It has a saw edge too which makes it a handy tool for cutting through bone or for pruning a sapling. It has a much shorter blade compared to other knives, but its extended trip means that it offers more leverage.

Fallkniven A1

Another one of the best rated survival knife around, this knife made by Swedish maker Fallkniven has a blade made from VC-10. It is a full 6.3 inches of nothing but deadly sharpness. The Kraton handle means that it has immense grip and durability. Such a beauty as this knife is definitely going to cost you a little more than your average survival knife. But it is certainly one purchase you are never going to regret.

Green Beret Knife by Chris Reeve

This is a knife that is specifically designed for the Green Berets who happen to specialize in survival training and combat methods that are unorthodox. It is one of the few knives that are designed for combat purposes. It has a stainless blade attached to a handle that can definitely stand up even when exposed to the most hellish settings. The blade features interior serration. This means that it has such edge when it comes to using the blade for skinning and battoning as well as other woodland activities. The blade measures 7 inches and it is a little heavier when compared to the other options.

It always helps if you will first take a look at a few of the best rated survival knife out there before you take your pick, this gives you the time to see what kind of features they have and how they will compare to your specific survival needs. Do invest on a really good quality knife too as there may be situations when the best knife is the only way that can save you from a life or death situation while you are in the wild.