Joshua : I am more than satisfied with your vinyl records. I bought four of them online, and about fifteen from your store, and I fell in love with the atmosphere and the people! You guys are amazing!

Ben: I ordered some vinyl records from your children`s section, and now my 4 year old girl won`t leave the house and go to kindergarten until we sing along with Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, and also she won`t fall asleep until she listen to Snow White.  I am so glad that one day, my kid will know the value of what you are doing!

Beatrice: I was in Seattle for a few weeks to visit a close friend, and he told me about this amazing place we should go to drink the best coffee in town. He took me to your place and since then, I was there every single morning till I came home. Never felt better while drinking my morning coffee.

Margaret: I heard about your Karaoke Nights from a friend, and I came one night because of a bet I lost. Since then, I am there every Monday! Amazing place and incredible staff!

Eric: I was looking for Prince`s Purple Rain all over the city, and haven`t found what I was looking for until I found your store! Amazing collections and incredibly rare vinyl records! There is no doubt that I will be coming back soon!

Elena: My order was shipped to Romania, and it took only 10 days. I was surprised to see the perfect state of the package, without any scratch or anything wrong. And the way Pink Floyd sounds on vinyl, amazing!

Stefan : I bought from you an entire classical collection, and I am more that fulfilled ! Since then, I have been listening to your vinyl records every single night when I get home from work!

Caroline :I have been writing my story since I was in the 9th grade, and I was afraid to say that to anybody until I meet Charles (one of the guys that owns DICO store). He told me about the Open Mic Nights, and I thought maybe if I don`t know these people, it would be easier to speak my mind. Now I am 23, and for almost 4 years, I come every Wednesday to tell my story.

Amanda : I was looking for a gift for a friend passionate about good, old music, and the best idea I came up with was a collection of Queen records. I searched all over the city for a place from where I could find everything, and these guys were amazing! Besides helping me with choosing what I needed, they gave me free posters and biography books. My friend was thrilled.