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Shipping From China to the UK: How to Handle Shipping Management

February 16, 2018

Many inexperienced importers always allow the supplier handle the shipping operation. This is a simple process and all that is required of you when shipping from China to UK is to inform the supplier to ship the cargo as DAP “Your facility address” or CIF “Port of destination” and they will perform the remaining task. The drawback is that you will probably pay more than what is really needed. In fact, there are better ways of saving time and money. Therefore, you are advised to consider your options carefully and opt for the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Endeavor to internalize it to have a full control.

From our experience, only big groups use this technique. They reserve space directly with airlines, shipping lines, trucking companies and they handle all the shipping process on their own (the importing and the exporting countries).

If you select this option, you need to follow your order by yourself, you need to do a proper check with the carriers to receive the necessary info that is vital to you. If any situation arises, you will have to handle it in order to avoid incurring extra charges.

Your time is a prized asset. By working directly with a carrier, that time is already a waste, unless you have a specialized department with a team of experts in your company. In order to get the best deal, peruse through this article and make use of the tips listed above.

Some of the goods (both off-the-shelf and the customized) that can be imported from China at affordable prices include unpacked electronics, stationary products, toys, non-designer clothing or wears, accessories, fitness tools, mobile phone accessories, PCs, and toys.

In order to get a good bargain, it is wise to deal with a dependable and serious supplier that offers quality items and can assist in deflecting any potential issue that might arise. If you have the chance, visit China and lockout for potential manufacturers. Although the visit doesn’t translate to a successful transaction it is still beneficial. Well, you can also check publications and e-zines on the product and use it for your sourcing research. There are numerous websites where you can locate suppliers.

When you are shopping for the products, make sure that you check the existence of the company. Contact the potential supplier before making a deal or signing the written contract. A good internet sourcing website will include numerous details like names, e-mail addresses, and numbers so you can communicate easily with your suppliers in case of an issue.

After establishing contact with your potential dealer, state your needs and requirements in a clear form and ensure that it includes the product specs and order terms. Ask questions about the quality control as well as the manufacturing process. Ask the supplier if he/she is willing to provide product samples for testing and analysis.


When making a deal with suppliers from China, the most widely accepted means of payment is the money transfer. The fact is that payment made by credit card is not usually allowed and you are advised to stay away from sites that allow the use of Money Gram: they might be fake. Some companies accept PayPal as their means of payment, and if you have lots of resources, then you are advised to choose the letter of credit.