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Important Things You Should Know About Your Kawaii Squishies

January 22, 2018

Squishies are usually these stress balls or collectible toys but with cool and awesome designs. There’s also squishies from the wshcollection that looks like food! If you would like to get a precise squishy then you could google it or try to search for it online! People love trading them due to the fact that they look adorable and they are keen on kawaii stuffs and squishies are excited to squish!

Kawaii Squishies are NOT FOR CONSUMPTION and aren’t for kids not up to the age of 8.

Please be aware that a few Kawaii Squishy items do have a little smell of the paint used. This smell should evaporate after some days.

Kawaii Squishy might become defective or have defects after you squish them. A few may have small marks, inconsistent paint design, or air bubbles. These aren’t defects but part of the product. These products are basically handmade so the ideal squishy is not possible at all times.

Attached fruit or sprinkles or designs pasted on the squishies might fall off the product, this is not in our control. After squishing, a few squishies might become weaker more swiftly than others resulting in rips, cracks, changes in texture, holes, etc. Some items might be scented and some would have a better scent than others.

The squishy toys are the tool for children to let their imagination, have fun, connect with friends, learn to play. And it’s not just the children’s favourite pastime; it is a necessary activity for learning. But what are the features and elements that allow the squishy toy to fulfil its main function?

Adapted to age

The squishy toys that children receive must be adapted to their age. It is counterproductive to give children a toy that is designed for a higher or lower age because it will not fulfil its function of stimulating the child’s abilities according to their age. When the toy is designed for a younger age than the child is not going to get their curiosity aroused. And if it is designed for a higher age, it will not arouse their interest but frustration at not understanding or knowing what that toy is.

Stimulation of the senses

In order to stimulate the 5 physiological senses, and the other four that are the temperature, the sense of orientation, the sense of balance and the kinesthetic (perception of movement through the sensory organs, toys can develop a multisensory function. Multisensory squishy toys make the game more complete and contribute more to the development of the child’s abilities, for example, a scooter or a set of skates put into operation sight, hearing, temperature, balance, and other motor functions of the child.

Quality and safety

The safe squishy toys are those that have undergone assessments and security controls comply with the all of the relevant safety standards, there are also certificate attesting that both the product and the materials that compose it are insured to keep your child safe when they are playing with it. And is that toys, in addition to showing that they are resistant to use and over time, must also be made of quality materials, must not contain parts that are detached or result in a danger to children under 3 years.

Promotion of social relationships and physical activity

The social dimension of the squishy toy, whether sharing it with friends in the park, at school or with parents, brings many benefits for children. This type of toys that promote collective games and physical activity avoids a sedentary lifestyle.

Specific game objective

Each squishy toy must have a purpose, an objective so that the child can develop the necessary strategy to achieve it. Thanks to this strategic development children will learn to be more autonomous and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving the proposed goal.

Great designs

Squishy toys have got so many awesome designs. For example, if your child prefers playing with animal toys, then they can find one with this sort of design theme. Or if they prefer playing with squishy toys that look like a piece of food, then there is a squishy toy with that shape too. The abundance of squishy toys will mean that you will only have to pay for a few Euros especially if you want to try and get your hands on a high-quality one.