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Fixing Your BMW Music Player: Different Terms for Online BMW Parts

March 26, 2017

There some platforms like the internet that have helped you in getting detailed important information about your BMW car, how to replace the parts, and finding the best alternatives relating to BMW parts and its other attachments. Using the internet to search or probably purchase its parts by upgrading or replacing it is a valuable option because it is cheaper and easier to get.

There are various company and markets to choose from and they can be classified into two fields which are the aftermarket and OEM parts. These two fields use some terminologies to describe their market, some of the terms are; genuine, aftermarket, OEM, OEA and OES. A lot of people might not understand these terms. It is essential that you have the basic understanding of these terms to guide you in the purchase of the parts and its attachments and the survey of the market in general.

Aftermarket BMW Car Parts

They basically deal with the production of parts that will fit perfectly and work like that of OEM as they are produced or designed with the same equipment and compositions. Also, they are not linked or play a sub-role to any standard or popular automaker and the production of the parts is not done by an affiliate of a major car make.

Genuine BMW Car Parts

They are termed “Genuine” because BMW parts are arranged inside an original BMW packaged box. It also has a BMW mark on it or packaged in an authentic BMW pack. You must know that these parts are gotten due to the partnership with the producer of the particular parts or accessories and not directly from the original BMW Company.

OEM BMW Car Parts

Generally known as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Both the OEM and Genuine BMW parts have similar characteristics. But, the major difference is that the company have license or authority to package it on their own without the need of involving BMW for packaging or stamping the BMW name on their products.

Original Equipment Supplier (OES) or Original Equipment Aftermarket (OEA) or BMW Parts

A company must have produced a part for BMW even if it has done it for other car manufacturers. If not, they won’t be considered as a genuine maker of BMW parts or OEM BMW part.