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Chamber Vacuum: Listen to Some Vinyl Records While Cooking Sous Vide

March 27, 2017

Sous Vide is the French name for under vacuum and is a special way of cooking food. As the name implies, the cooking operation is being done in a best chamber style vacuum sealer which looks complex and big but it is relatively simple. In its mode of operation, the food is the vacuum covered tightly in a plastic inside a water bath and is aided by the application of a constant temperature for cooking. There are numerous advantages of using this equipment but the two major benefits are that it is hygienic and make the food appear in a special texture. So, if you intend to use this type of cooking method, what type of Sous Vide equipment would suit you?

Generally, you need just two components of equipment to perform this type of cooking operation at home.

One of the first pieces of equipment you need is the vacuum sealer machine. These machines perform other operations apart from being used for sous vide cooking and you must have seen them before. A lot of people use the vacuum sealer machine for to cover food kept in the freezer or for the preservation of food when going on a long distance journey.

In the case of sous vide cooking, the vacuum sealer helps in clearing the atmosphere surrounding the food and then acts as a sealer tightening the food cover. You can start the cooking operation afterwards. It is most suitable for solid foodstuffs but not for liquid or water like the soup or vegetables as in the process of clearing the surrounding liquid or gases also removes or clear out the liquid. So, it is not suitable for liquids as the vacuum seal does not perform the operation of a vacuum.

There are machines which can perform vacuum liquid operation but does not come cheap. The chamber vacuum works by eliminating the air inside the chamber. Both the internal and external pressure can be constant by the placement of a bag containing liquid in the chamber. This will enable it to be able to vacuum the sealed bag containing liquid.

The water bath is the last piece of equipment that you need for the vacuum operation. These present days, there are specially built water bath available for sous vide cooking. It is commonly known as the supreme model and we also have the demi model type.