About Us

DICO started in 2002 as a small records store in Seattle, and since then we have expanded more than we could imagine back then.

The founder of this amazing place was lead guitarist in a band at that time, and very passionate about good music and incredible artists. He wanted to share his own little universe, his little piece of heaven with anyone sharing the same passion. So he bought a place and brought everything he could find in any trade or in any antique store.

Since then, he has gathered over 10,000 vinyl records, CDs, books and anything related to the music he enjoys and the music he discovered along the way.

We came to help in 2005, when he had no more room for his “treasures” and extended the space. Since then, we became four passionate music lovers who share the same dream. Since then, we do our best to make our customers feel that they are part of something, we keep in touch with them, we try to build a family with the ones that are passionate about what we do.

We are not a business, we don`t try to just sell something. We try to make people fall in love with music, discover something more than just some lyrics or a record to hang on their wall.

For all this time, we did not just sell records, but tried to create the right atmosphere, we arranged concerts, parties, theme evenings, to make every single person who walked in our store feel comfortable, feel free, to feel better in any way possible.

We opened a caffee in our store, so you can start your morning with a smile on your face, and some good music in the background. So maybe the song stuck in your head for the whole day won`t be something you heard on the radio anymore.

Every Monday, we host Karaoke Nights, and every Wednesday we host an Open Mic Night, so feel free to come and sing a cover, sing something you wrote, read something you wrote, tell us any story that hides inside your head! We dedicate Saturday nights to classical music, so if you get creeps at the names of Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Verdi or Ceaikovski, feel free to join us!

We shared with our customers not only passion, but knowledge and history too. We tried our best to make every single one of them feel the way we do about music.

And we sincerely hope that you will feel the same!

For almost 15 years we have been helping our customers build their dream collection, and we will do the same for you!

So make sure to check our collections, and send us an email with your wish list, we will check if what you need is available, and between 14-30 days, your order will be in front of your house. If what you need is not available in that moment, have no worries, we will let you know as soon as we found what you wish for.